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Ayesa digitalises one of the biggest health professional selection processes in Spain

Ayesa, a Seville-based multinational, has digitalised one of the biggest health professional selection processes in Spain. It has created a computer system for the SAS (the Andalusian Health Service, run by the Andalusian Regional Government), speeding up selection processes and reducing operating costs.

The solution, called Curriculum Digital, has been in operation since April 2017 and, since then, 5,200 professionals participating in the 2013-2015 Public Offer of Employment have incorporated over 450,000 merits in more than half a million associated documents.

The system came online after the Public Offer of Employment process had commenced, and so only documentary proof has been requested only from those candidates with the highest points totals.

Nevertheless, the objective is that all candidates for employment with the SAS provide information about their qualifications, experience and certificates just once. In this way, the will be able to participate in all of the selection processes without the need to repeat the accreditation of their merits, since they will form part of the centralised Curriculum Digital repository.

Margarita López, Director of the Public Sector, underlines that “the system is integrated with the main platforms of the electronic administration of the Andalusian Regional Governments and, since it is a 100% online application, candidates can complete the application process by Internet using their digital signature. This, as well as avoiding having to make the submission in person, allows SAS personnel to receive the documentation in real-time, speeding up validation and grading processes”. 

Furthermore, she explains, to guarantee this process, “a scalable, high-availability infrastructure has been deployed, in view of the foreseen increase in the number of persons applying in future selection processes”.


Andalusia has thus become one of the first Spanish regions to develop a completely digital system for the management of personnel selection processes. The system is intended to shorten the duration of selection processes and to make them completely paperless, while also facilitating all of the online process for the candidates, and eliminating the travel required to submit documentation personally.

Ayesa has a long track record in the development and implementation of Human Resources IT systems, in both the private and public sectors. Outstanding public sector systems include the Gerhonte system for the specific management of over 100,000 health professionals in the SAS and the SiRhus system, which integrates all of the public employees of the Andalusian Regional Government.