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AYESA has been present in this Andean country since 1999. Ayesa's leading position in Peru reflects the sustained growth of the Peruvian economy over the past 10 years and the confidence of international investors who promote sustainable development and organisation through the creation of major projects in which AYESA combines cutting-edge engineering and knowledge.

AYESA participates in projects key to the country in sectors such as water and environment, transport infrastructure, airports, construction, oil & gas and planning.   Amongst other things, we are part of challenges involving roads such as the municipal development of Lima's road system, refineries in La Pamplilla, airports such as the Jorge Chávez airport, irrigation such as the Majes-Siguas project, architecture such as Lima's national stadium, technology for the Ministry of Justice, as well as sanitation, underground transport (the future Line 2 of Lima's underground) and finally regional challenges. We provide engineering and technology services to the main public and private investors who make Peru's continued growth possible.



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